The team at OpenIDEO needed a refresh to their core web experience, so they asked me to come join the team to start the redesign. Step one: get on a plane and get to work Monday morning.

Starting with a sync up on hopes and needs, we paired near-term goals with long-term vision casting. Once we had a list of business goals, a design vision and content needs, we almost immediately started prototyping. Beginning with wireframing, I worked in collaboration with a broad-reaching team of interaction designers at IDEO. The work progressed iteratively by the day, leading quite quickly over several weeks to a final version that we developed in integration with their existing platforms.

This team of innovators at OpenIDEO are a special breed; a group that leads change with a process rooted in excitement, global scale and a hub of online collaborators. I'm proud to say this new work mirrors those core ideals clearly.


Interaction Design
Design Strategy
User Experience Design
Web Development


San Francisco